mercredi 17 avril 2013

- MTV Movie Awards 2013 : Always through the Best & the Worst !

• The MTV Movie Awards took place April 14th in Los Angeles,CA.And in this article,i'm going to show some of the best & worst dresses that were seen on the red carpet this past Sunday.

» Let's start with the worst :
 ▲ Kim Kardashian : The it girl wore a short flowy black dress that showed off her pregnant belly but,in my opinion,it made her look too wide and didn't really enhance her curves and kinda looked like a cap.
Emma Watson : The HP girl wore a Maxime Simoëns dress that has just too many colors and a cut out that didn't really advantage her.
Chloe Moretz : Confirmed to be starring in Kick-Ass 2 & Carrie,the sixteen year old teen wore a Louis Vuitton denim dress with a belt on the waist and black heels,I think the full denim look is too much and adds years to her actual age.
Holland Roden : The former star of the supernatural show Teen Wolf wore a Donna Karan long black dress that made her look wide and chubby and didn't show off her beautiful morphology.

» Now let's see the Best :
∆ Ariana Grande : The Nickelodeon Star wore a very short white dress,lacy on the top and flowy on the bottom.Its very young & fresh and suited her skin tone perfectly,and the nude shoes were a beautiful adding to the overall look.
▲ Selena Gomez : Who released her single Come & Get It this past few weeks wore a short golden dress with fringes that enhanced her skin tone and showed off her toned legs.
∆ Kylie Jenner : The little Jenner girl accomplished the all white look,with a beautiful crop top and a long skirt,with nude shoes and gold accessories,apparently being glamourous is in her blood.
▲ Brittany Snow : The bombshell blonde rocked a silky navy blue dress with cute details on the shoulders that make her blue eyes pop,and finishing the look with silver clutch and stilettos,she was simply gorgeous.

» Now let's talk about the awards and who took the golden popcorn home !
★ The Avengers (2012) won Movie of the year.
★ Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper won Best Female Performance & Best Male Performance and also Best Kiss for the Movie Silver Linings Playbook.
★ Breakthrough Performance went to Rebel Wilson for the movie sensation Pitch perfect.
★ Tom Hiddleston took the Best Villain golden award home for his performance in The Avengers.
★ Best Hero went to Martin Freeman for the movie The Hobbit.
★ Best Scared-as-Shit Performance went to Suraj Sharma for the movie Life of Pi.
★ Taylor Lautner won the Best Shirtless Performance.
★ Chloe Moretz won the Summer's Biggest Teen Bad Ass.
★ Best fight went to the cast of Avengers.
★ Mark Wahlberg & Seth MacFarlane won the Best On-Screen Duo.
★ Best Musical Moment went to the female cast of Pitch Perfect.
★ Best WTF Moment went to Samuel L. Jackson & Jamie Foxx who also won the MTV Generation Award.
★ Comedic Genius Award went to the well-known Will Ferrel.
★ And lastly,the HP star Emma Watson took home the MTV Trailblazer Award.

That's it,see ya next time buddies !

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