samedi 4 mai 2013

- Let's go to the Beach !! ☼

When the weather is nice and hot,the only thing we think about is having fun and going to the beach with the people we love.So in this post,I show you an outfit idea for a typical beach day and some of the essentials that you must have when you're out and about tanning in the beach.


1.Forever 21 : 20 $
2.Forever 21 : 16.80 $
3.PacSun : 42.50 $
4.Forever 21 : 8.80 $
5.Forever 21 : 9.80 $
6.H&M : 14.95 $
7.H&M : 5.95 $
∆ This outfit is perfect for a beach day,its light and comfortable with a little pop of color.The hat and sunglasses will protect you from the sun and the bag is big enough to carry all your things.If you want you can switch from the top-short outfit to the maxidress outfit.

2.Beach essentials :

» Going to the beach means being exposed to the sun's rays so make sure you always wear a hat to protect your head,sunglasses to protect your eyes and never forget to take sunscreen with you and apply it generously to your whole body & face to prevent sunburn.
» Bring with you some water to keep yourself hydrated and some food to eat whenever you're hungry.
» Carry with you an extra bathing suit that you can wear if something happens to the first one.
» Try to go the beach bare face if you can,but if you really need to wear make up,keep it light and simple,no blush no eyeshadow,just a little bit of bb cream+waterproof mascara+lip balm.

By following these tips,you will have a blast at the beach trust me ! ;) I hope you're having a really good time this spring/summer and I will write you very soon ! Bye ! ♥