samedi 4 mai 2013

- Let's go to the Beach !! ☼

When the weather is nice and hot,the only thing we think about is having fun and going to the beach with the people we love.So in this post,I show you an outfit idea for a typical beach day and some of the essentials that you must have when you're out and about tanning in the beach.


1.Forever 21 : 20 $
2.Forever 21 : 16.80 $
3.PacSun : 42.50 $
4.Forever 21 : 8.80 $
5.Forever 21 : 9.80 $
6.H&M : 14.95 $
7.H&M : 5.95 $
∆ This outfit is perfect for a beach day,its light and comfortable with a little pop of color.The hat and sunglasses will protect you from the sun and the bag is big enough to carry all your things.If you want you can switch from the top-short outfit to the maxidress outfit.

2.Beach essentials :

» Going to the beach means being exposed to the sun's rays so make sure you always wear a hat to protect your head,sunglasses to protect your eyes and never forget to take sunscreen with you and apply it generously to your whole body & face to prevent sunburn.
» Bring with you some water to keep yourself hydrated and some food to eat whenever you're hungry.
» Carry with you an extra bathing suit that you can wear if something happens to the first one.
» Try to go the beach bare face if you can,but if you really need to wear make up,keep it light and simple,no blush no eyeshadow,just a little bit of bb cream+waterproof mascara+lip balm.

By following these tips,you will have a blast at the beach trust me ! ;) I hope you're having a really good time this spring/summer and I will write you very soon ! Bye ! ♥

samedi 27 avril 2013

- 8 Easy Tips that will help you lose weight !

Summer is around the corner,which rhymes with going to the beach/pool and thereafter wearing a bathing suit.
Every women wants to have a perfect body and feel confident about herself,but tic-tac,time's running out.
Don't worry ladies,in this post,you will find tips to help you lose weight that I followed and saw a lot of changes.

1.Start with measuring yourself,then write down your actual weight and height,after that set your weight goal,but make it reasonable so you don't get frustated if you don't reach it quickly.
2.Do not expect it to happen overnight because it's not going to,losing weight needs patience and time especially if you have a lot to lose,the road to being fit and healthy isn't as easy as it seems but don't lose faith and keep going !
3.Drink a lot of water (at least 8 cups a day).Water is your best friend if you wanna lose weight it helps hydrate and detox your body.
4.Eat healthy as much as you can.Start slowly by eliminating sodas,juices,burgers,pizzas .. and eat more fruits and veggies,also replace fryed food with steamed food and try to lower your intakes of sugar and salt.
5.Exercise every other day to burn calories.For me its 3 times a week but you can do more or less just make sure you give your body a whole day as a break between workouts so you don't injure yourself.
6.Cardio is THE best thing to do if you wanna lose weight : run,walk,dance,ride a bike,swim,hike,yoga ... All those activities will burn calories and fat and give you the slim body you dream of.
7.Have a cheat day once a week or once a month to just relax and not be so uptight about your diet.On that day,eat whatever you want : chocolate,fries,tacos,burgers.. Just don't over do it.
8.Reward yourself everytime you reach your goal by buying clothes,going out or just celebrating.

By following those tips,you'll have a toned and fit body in no time ! 

dimanche 21 avril 2013

- Shay Mitchell on the April issue of Teen Vogue : Get the look ! ♡

Talented,stunning and very sweet,Shay Mitchell a.k.a Emily Fiels in the ABC Family Show Pretty Little Liars,is on the April issue cover of Teen Vogue,and I'm going to help you get the look she had during the photoshoot !

» Follow these steps to get the Shay Mitchell look,innocent yet very sexy :
1.Start with a fresh and hydrated face.
2.Apply your liquid foundation/BB cream,then cover your dark circles and your imperfections with your concealer,and finally set everything with a powder.
3.Fill in your brows in the Audrey Hepburn way but try your best to blend everything so it looks natural,then apply a base to your entire eyelid.
4.Apply a shimmery beige color to the center of your eyelid.
5.Apply a dark brown color to your inner outer corners by making a little wing at the end.
6.Take a shimmery light brown color and blend the beige with the dark brown color until the line between them is not as harsh.
7.Apply a black eye pencil to your upper lash line then put some fake lashes on and finally blend them with your real ones with mascara.
8.Apply a shimmery peach color to the apples of your cheeks,then apply a thin layer of bronzer on your cheek bone.
9.Apply a colorful peachy red color to your lips keeping it light then dab a little bit of gloss to the center of your lips to give an illusion of fuller lips.

∇ Products used : 1.Too Faced bronzer Milk Chocolate-2.Dior Addict Gloss 433 Délice-3.Benefit's No Pressure!-4.Make-up Forever's N41 WaterMelon-5.Lancôme's 100 continuous crème-6.Bobbi Brown's Mahogany-7.Nars' Deep Throat-8.NYX's Auto Eyebrow-9.Urban Decay's Perversion-10.Maybelline's Lash Stiletto.

» And now onto the hair !
1.Put your hair down,it has to be straight or slightly waved.
2.Separate your hair in the middle then brush out any tangles.
3.From the level of the ears and back,take that section of hair and tease it until the volume satisfies you.
4.Take two big sections of hair (the front ones)and secure them in the back with bobby pins.
5.Now put a part of your hair in the front and the other one in the back.
6.Use some hairspray and you're done !!

Okay I hope you enjoyed this tutorial,don't forget to comment below your thoughts.I love you guys,Bye !! ♡

- How to get Hairless Sexy Legs For the spring/summer time ! ♡

♦ Let's be honest here,starting the spring/summer season with sexy legs is really awesome.
So first of all let's start with the different ways that you can use to get rid of hair on your legs :

▲ Shaving★★★★☆
+ Fast & easy.
+ No pain.(if you don't cut yourself of course)
+ Leaves you with hairless legs.
- You must do it everyday.
- The hair grows back thicker and faster.

▲ Waxing★★☆☆☆
+ Gives you a result that lasts 1 to 2 weeks.
+ The hair grows back thinner.
- It hurts.
- It takes a very long time.

▲ Hair Removal Cream★★★☆☆
+ Fast & Easy.
+ No Pain.
+ The result last 3 to 4 days.
- It smells very bad.
- It doesn't remove all the hair at once.
- It contains harsh chemicals.

♦ Now here a few tricks that will leave you with smooth hair :
» Always remove the hair from the opposite direction of its growth.
» If you shave,apply an oil/soap/shaving cream before so you avoid cutting yourself.
» If you wax,use a cold damp towel to calm down any irritation.
» If you use hair removal cream,do not leave for more time that what it says on the package or you're going to burn yourself.
» After removing the hair,wash your legs with cold water,then gently pad a towel on them.
» Use lotion after removing the hair,apply it and massage it into your legs.

That's it ! And I hope every single one of you is going to start this season with hair-free legs ! If you have a request or something to say,write it down in the coments below,bye ! 

samedi 20 avril 2013

- 6 Tips that will save your hair !

  □  Straight,wavy or curly,any type of hair needs to be moisturized and handled gently,and here are a few tips that will hopefully help you make your hair look healthier,shinier and even longer.

● No heat : You must banish all the heat which means no straightener,curler or blow dryer.These items only cause your hair to be dry and frizzy and they create split ends.You don't need to cut all the heat sources at once,you can start slowly,step by step and eventually stop the use of them.
● Moisturize : I will never say this enough but hydration is the key to much better looking hair.There are plenty of ways to lock moisture in your hair : oils (eg. : argan oil,almond oil,coconut oil,olive oil..),or conditionners (used during the shower),or even better leave-in conditionners.
● Go bio : Mother Nature gave us so many things that we should use for our hair.First of all,start with changing your shampoo into one that doesn't contain harsh chemicals(eg.Sodium Lauryl Sulfate,Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate..)and that contains natural ingrediants(eg.Shea Butter for frizz,Coconut Milk/Oil for dryness,Almond Oil for split ends..)
● Take it easy : Be gentle with your hair because it gives what it gets.Instead of drying it with a towel,try an old t-shirt.Protect from the sun with a hat,try your best not to touch your hair alot because that's what causes frizz and fly-aways and brush it with a wide toothed comb to avoid breakage.
● Colors can wait : Dying your hair a lot may also cause it to be dry and looking not so healthy so hydrate before and after changing the color of your hair and slow down your dying routine.
● Scissors are a girl's best friend : It may seem odd,but cutting a little bit of your hair each 2 to 3 months is proven to give your hair a little glow and help it grow faster.

And that's all you gotta do to have healthy and long luscious hair,if you want me to do a top 5 favorites hair products let me know in the comments below and see ya later !

vendredi 19 avril 2013

- 4 Spring Make-up looks ! ♥

This season,the make-up looks are very unique and outstanding,today,i'm going to show you how to achieve 4 of them that you can rock everyday,on a date or out clubbing.

- The Mettalic Look : 
1.Start with a fresh and hydrated face.
2.Apply Liquid Foundation/BB cream that matches your skin tone to your entire face.
3.Apply your favorite concealer to your dark cirlces,blemishes and any redness on your face.
4.Set everything with a pressed powder.
5.Fill in your brows with an eyebrow pencil to make them bold with a little arch.
6.Apply a base on your entire eyelid,inner corners and below your waterline.
7.Apply a shimmery metallic silver color all over your eyelid and blend it out below your waterline.
8.Apply a shimmery champagne color to your inner corners to give an illusion of bigger eyes.
9.Apply your favorite eyeliner starting from the inner and wingin' it out,then apply a black eyeshadow to set it,and finally apply thick coats of mascara to open up your eyes.
10.Apply a black eyepencil to your waterline,then,apply a light pink color to your cheekbones.
11.Apply a light pink gloss on your lips.

♦ Products used : 1.Urban Decay's Moondust Eyeshadow-2.Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear gel liner-3.Nars' Blush Sex Appeal-4.Maybelline's cream pencil in Midnight Master-5.Nars' Lipgloss Striptease-6.Maybelline's The colossal-7.Maybelline's Color Tatto in Silver strike.

- The No-Makeup Look :
1.Repeat the steps 1,2,3 & 4 of the first tutorial.
2.Fill in your brows very lightly.
3.Apply a light shimmery pink color to your entire eyelid.
4.Apply one thin coat of mascara to top and bottom lashes.
5.Apply pink blush to your cheeks.
6.Apply a light lavender lipstick color to your lips.

♦ Products used : 1.Bobbi Brown's Pale Mauve-2.Benefit's Bikini-Tini-3.Benefit's Benetint Rose-4.Maybelline's One by One.

- The Edgy Look : 
1.Repeat the steps 1,2,3,4 & 5 of the previous tutorial.
2.Apply a matt beige color to your brow bone making sure to blend it very well.
3.Apply a dark brown color to your crease.
4.Apply a black color to your entire eyelid and blend it out below your waterline.
5.Apply a shimmery gold color to the inner corners of your eyes.
6.Apply mascara focusing on the bottom more than the top.
7.Apply a peachy blush color to your cheeks.
8.Apply a very light peach color to your lips.

♦ Products used : 1.Too Faced lipstick Naked Dolly-2.Maybelline's The Rocket-3.Smashbox's Blush Chiffon-4.Lancôme's Color design 101 Eternal Gold-5.Sephora's Eyeshadow n°65-6.Laura Mercier's Coffe Ground-7.Make-up Forever's Diamond Black 307.

- The Date Look :
1.Repeat the steps 1,2,3 & 4 of the first tutorial.
2.Fill in your brows lightly without any arch.
3.Apply a light matt beige color to your entire eyelid.
4.Apply a shimmery bronze color to your inner corners keeping everything very light.
5.Apply a very thin coat of mascara to your top lashes.
6.Apply a light pink blush color to your cheeks.
7.Line your lips with a bright pink lip pencil and fill them in.

♦ Products used : 1.Sephora's BlackUp n°7-2.Maybelline's Lots Of Lashes-3.Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill Moon Stone-4.Make-up Forever's n°152-5.Maybelline's Dream Bouncy Blush in fresh pink.

Rock those looks to add a beautiful and colorful spring vibe to your over-all look ! Don't forget to leave your opinion as a comment below and tell me what make-up tutorials you want me to achieve next time ! Bye guys ! ♡

jeudi 18 avril 2013

- Top 5 Favorites NailPolishes for the Spring time ! ♡

During the spring time,it warms up & the flowers are opened and beautiful,you shouldn't focus only on the make-up you put or the clothes you wear but also the polish that you rock on your nails.
These are my 5 favorites nailpolish colors that are really great for the spring time and add to your hands a beautiful and simple touch.
1.Mac's Al Fredo is a beautiful neon yellow that make the color of your skin tone stand out and is going to wrap you up in a very good mood.
2.Essie's in the cab-ana is a bright aqua color that remind me of  the beach and get me excited and make me look forward to be in the Summertime.
3.Sephora's Sweet Candy is a pretty pale pink color that will give you a natural yet classy look on your nails.
4.O.P.I's My paprika is hotter than yours is a bright red color from the Euro Central collection,and let me tell you that you can never go wrong with a red nailpolish during anytime of the year.
5.Essie's Madison ave hue is a bright pink color that releases the little girl in me who absolutly adores pink.

I hope this article helped you picking your new nailpolish favorites,and tell me what are your 5 favorites nailpolishes of the moment ! See ya ! ♡