dimanche 21 avril 2013

- How to get Hairless Sexy Legs For the spring/summer time ! ♡

♦ Let's be honest here,starting the spring/summer season with sexy legs is really awesome.
So first of all let's start with the different ways that you can use to get rid of hair on your legs :

▲ Shaving★★★★☆
+ Fast & easy.
+ No pain.(if you don't cut yourself of course)
+ Leaves you with hairless legs.
- You must do it everyday.
- The hair grows back thicker and faster.

▲ Waxing★★☆☆☆
+ Gives you a result that lasts 1 to 2 weeks.
+ The hair grows back thinner.
- It hurts.
- It takes a very long time.

▲ Hair Removal Cream★★★☆☆
+ Fast & Easy.
+ No Pain.
+ The result last 3 to 4 days.
- It smells very bad.
- It doesn't remove all the hair at once.
- It contains harsh chemicals.

♦ Now here a few tricks that will leave you with smooth hair :
» Always remove the hair from the opposite direction of its growth.
» If you shave,apply an oil/soap/shaving cream before so you avoid cutting yourself.
» If you wax,use a cold damp towel to calm down any irritation.
» If you use hair removal cream,do not leave for more time that what it says on the package or you're going to burn yourself.
» After removing the hair,wash your legs with cold water,then gently pad a towel on them.
» Use lotion after removing the hair,apply it and massage it into your legs.

That's it ! And I hope every single one of you is going to start this season with hair-free legs ! If you have a request or something to say,write it down in the coments below,bye ! 

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