mardi 16 avril 2013

- The 2013 Spring & Summer Trends ! ☼

☁  Ladies,drop your umbrellas,coats and boots ! The spring and summer season is no longer around the corner but finally here.The sun strikes again and warms up your body from head to toe,the weather is nice,well its spring !
And as you all know,every single year,new hot trends come out and all through this article i'm going to show them to you,watcha say ? Let's get started !!
◆  For the nails,nudes are what everybody's rocking at the moment ! Pale colors,pink,beige or the classic french manicure : colors that will give this classy chic clean look to your hands & nails.
Okay now let's talk about the hair : two options are opened this season,either the clean,shiny and straight hair parted in the middle look (which you can rock in a low ponytail too) or the crimped hair look,down or up in a messy bun,the choice is yours.
Now let's dicuss the important business : Make-up ! Apparently the bold brows are here to stay so rock them anytime,for the lips,the colors trending are pink & red,specially matte.The skin is kept very glowy & fresh while using bb cream and specially those that have a sunscreen built in them,so you can get it all : coverage,moist,lightness and protection ! And finally don't forget your eyeliner,and aqua colored eye pencils for your eyes.
◇  This spring & summer,prints are all the rage : tribal,graphic,stripes,floral ... Also don't forget to get some little help from your mother/aunt/sister because the retro/vintage trend is still rocking the runway shows all over the world.Bright,bold and neon colors (shocking pink,aqua,neon yellow ...) are very in this season along with the black and white look and shorts in every single way they can possibly be (colored,destroy,with studs,acid washed,gradiant ..)

Well I guess my article is finished,I really hope it will help you choosing your outfits during this spring/summer season and see ya next time ! ♡

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