samedi 27 avril 2013

- 8 Easy Tips that will help you lose weight !

Summer is around the corner,which rhymes with going to the beach/pool and thereafter wearing a bathing suit.
Every women wants to have a perfect body and feel confident about herself,but tic-tac,time's running out.
Don't worry ladies,in this post,you will find tips to help you lose weight that I followed and saw a lot of changes.

1.Start with measuring yourself,then write down your actual weight and height,after that set your weight goal,but make it reasonable so you don't get frustated if you don't reach it quickly.
2.Do not expect it to happen overnight because it's not going to,losing weight needs patience and time especially if you have a lot to lose,the road to being fit and healthy isn't as easy as it seems but don't lose faith and keep going !
3.Drink a lot of water (at least 8 cups a day).Water is your best friend if you wanna lose weight it helps hydrate and detox your body.
4.Eat healthy as much as you can.Start slowly by eliminating sodas,juices,burgers,pizzas .. and eat more fruits and veggies,also replace fryed food with steamed food and try to lower your intakes of sugar and salt.
5.Exercise every other day to burn calories.For me its 3 times a week but you can do more or less just make sure you give your body a whole day as a break between workouts so you don't injure yourself.
6.Cardio is THE best thing to do if you wanna lose weight : run,walk,dance,ride a bike,swim,hike,yoga ... All those activities will burn calories and fat and give you the slim body you dream of.
7.Have a cheat day once a week or once a month to just relax and not be so uptight about your diet.On that day,eat whatever you want : chocolate,fries,tacos,burgers.. Just don't over do it.
8.Reward yourself everytime you reach your goal by buying clothes,going out or just celebrating.

By following those tips,you'll have a toned and fit body in no time ! 

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