jeudi 18 avril 2013

- 7 Different Looks for the Spring/Summer Time ! ☆

Hello everyone ! I'm super excited today because I have in my hands 7 Outfits that are very different yet very in for the Spring & Summer Time,but I have to mention that all those looks contain a crop top because this item is a must have for this season and I kinda played around and came up with these looks for you guys.Without wasting more time,let's get into it !
A vintage look with an edgy touch.
Light grey and Bloody red are the opposite of each other yet they mix so well in this look.
Denim is the go-to look,and this is just a way of wearing it with gold & black.
Fringes are all the rage this Spring/Summer season,I tried to put it together with bright colors like aqua.
Dotted,Floral or Tribal,prints are very trendy right now,in this outfit,I tried to put together a simple yet dressed-up look using gold elements and jungle prints.

Blue and Black & White,two trends mixed together in one look with simple gold jewerlies.
Horizontal or Vertical,strips are,with no doubt,a very hot trend that you can wear as I suggested above or do it your own way.

Okay .. That's it ! I will see you soon with a new article,this time about my 5 Favorites Nail Polishes for the Spring Time.And don't forget to comment below your thoughts and let me know if you want any more fashion looks or makeup tutorials,Bye ! 

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